Women Level Up

Diversity in Tech: Women Level Up is a meetup aimed at empowering software engineers and web developers who identify as female, non-binary, and/or are from underrepresented backgrounds, through education, networking, and mentorship. While there is a plethora of amazing tech meetups available, we noticed a need for something geared towards people who identify as mid-level or have some experience already working as a programmer.

Maybe you graduated from a bootcamp a few years ago and have already had a couple jobs. Maybe you’ve been junior awhile and want to be mid-level. Maybe you’re mid-level and want to be senior. Maybe you want to be the next team lead. We want to help you get there! We intend to build out the technical component of our meetup to really challenge you and level up your skills.

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Monday, June 24, 2019, 6:30pm - 9pm

Building an Inclusive Culture
Gina Abrams || People Operations Partner, Blockstack
close Building an Inclusive Culture

Gina will talk about building an inclusive culture and creating pathways for growth and success at Blockstack. She organized Blockstack's Level Up: Women in Emerging Tech - A mini-series that provides an outlet for professionals in the USV network and beyond to learn from those who are "two steps ahead," hearing their stories and gaining tangible skills to enhance their careers along the way. It delves into the art of creating space and making one's voice heard in emerging industries. By learning from those who have seen success, we hope to empower women in tech and inspire new leaders for the future.

Accepting Compliments and Other Acts of Bravery
Katy Farmer || Developer Advocate, InfluxDB
close Accepting Compliments and Other Acts of Bravery

The fastest way to get me to change the topic in a conversation is to compliment me. I will twist, turn, and segue into weather, sports I don’t understand, or Marvel Comics conspiracy theories before I will acknowledge a compliment. I will suddenly become a fount of wildlife trivia, take up jogging, or pretend I’m getting a phone call. I’ve always been like this, but when I transitioned into engineering, I started to notice the people around me doing it, too--especially people who fell into underrepresented groups--and I started to get mad. Why is it so hard for us to value our own work like we value the work of others?

In this talk, we’ll explore what it means to value our personal and professional achievements, and how higher self-worth makes us better teammates and empathetic leaders. We’ll talk about the many ways in which I have failed and the lessons I’ve learned as I began to care about and for myself. This talk will feature jokes (humor is my preferred coping mechanism) and hand-drawn slides (to keep anyone from looking too closely at me). More importantly, the audience will learn how valuing ourselves leads us to value each other.

This talk doesn’t end with an epiphany. It doesn’t end with revelatory tech or a link to a download. It ends with two simple words that are a seed for something bigger: be brave.


6:30-7:00 || Registration and Dinner

7:00-7:30 || First Talk

7:30-8:00 || Second Talk

8:00-9:00 || Networking and Coding time

Dinner (never pizza!) and Drinks provided by Mavenlink. Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available.

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